Tragedy on Mt Everest

mt everest

May 9, 2014

In the wake of the April 18 tragedy on Mt Everest, Trek Climb Ski Nepal extend our deepest sympathy to the Sherpa families of those affected. Many friends of Trek Climb Ski Nepal and our wider community have enquired as to the well-being of the staff we employ on our treks and climbs in the Nepal Himalaya. We were very relieved to know that they are all safe. However many of their close friends and colleagues were lost in the avalanche on Mt Everest on April 18. The climbing community in Nepal is very close knit and the impact of this event is far reaching.

Given the dangerous work they undertake, the Sherpa climbing community has submitted a list of requests for improved conditions for those working in high altitude environments in Nepal. The future of climbing on Mt Everest is under a cloud until the Sherpa climbing community and the Government of Nepal can reach an agreement.

The Discovery Channel have produced an informative documentary on the events of that day and leading up to the tragedy which can be viewed on YouTube. Our thoughts and prayers remain with all those affected by this tragic event.

An update to the tragedy on Mt Everest

We’re updating this post to spread the news of a beautifully made and thought-provoking documentary called “Sherpa – Trouble on Mt Everest”. Released in Australia in March, 2016, this compelling film chronicles the events pre and post the devastating avalanche on Everest on April 18, 2014. The film portrays the life of the Sherpas that climb Mt Everest on commercial mountaineering expeditions and highlights the many dangers they face in their efforts to earn enough money to take care of their families. This film is unlike all the Hollywood movies you may have seen about Everest. This is an authentic awe-inspiring story that details the extraordinary pressures and politics of climbing the mountain from the Sherpa point of view.

View the trailer