Everest Video: an expedition chronology

everest video

August 24, 2014

The short Everest video below will give you a great feel for life on Mt Everest. On the 31st of May, 2005, I (Trek Climb Ski Nepal founder Nick Farr) was fortunate enough to spend 35 minutes on the summit of Mt Everest at 8848m.  Over the years since, I’ve shared my experiences on Everest (and many other Himalayan giants) with a variety of audiences across Australia.  Something I’ve found to be of great interest to people is the actual process that is climbing Everest and other big mountains – the fact that you can’t just turn up and head for the summit. Proper acclimatisation protocols demand a gradual approach to getting higher and this requires plenty of trips back down to base camp before being able to head higher the next time. (Read our feature article outlining a realistic pathway for people interested in climbing Everest)

Click Everest 2005 Expedition Chronology to view our Everest expedition chronology from 2005. You’ll see that we endured plenty of up and down due mainly to a very challenging weather season. Just when we thought we’d finally be going for the top, we’d have to head back to base camp again.  This made for tough going not only physically but mentally.  But that’s a huge part of the challenge of climbing Everest and high-altitude mountaineering in general.

Our 2005 expedition Everest video

As mentioned above, the weather we experienced on Everest during the 2005 season was difficult and challenging. Our Everest video (above) shows it all. The great advantage for our small team was that by the time our summit window opened, we virtually had the mountain to ourselves… something unheard of on Everest today. We are incredibly fortunate to have Everest summit photos of just us – no crowds!

View our Everest expedition photos