Climb Island Peak Video

climb island peak video

October 4, 2014

This climb Island Peak video was taken on summit day during our March 2011 Island Peak Expedition. The weather was perfect this day and we achieved a 100% success rate with all our expedition members (10 in total) reaching the top. Learn more about our Island Peak expeditions.

This climb Island Peak video was taken at the base of the headwall that must be climbed in order to get onto the final ridge that leads to the summit. Being March, the ice and snow conditions aren’t great and there is quite a bit of exposed rock on the headwall section of the climb. The autumn climbing season in Nepal would see this section of the climbing route with a much better snow and ice cover which makes for easier travel. This section of the climb isn’t difficult but it is taxing due to the altitude (we’re almost at 6000m) and its steepness.

Island Peak is a great introduction to mountaineering in the Nepal Himalaya. It’s proximity to Everest Base Camp makes it an ideal add-on to a traditional Everest Base Camp trek. The route to the summit of Island Peak isn’t technical although it does contain a couple of steep sections. Island Peak is the most popular “trekking peak” in Nepal and it sees many successful ascents each year.

Watch more climb Island Peak video

We have a number of Island Peak climbing videos available on our YouTube channel. These videos will give you a great feel for what’s required in order to be successful climbing Island Peak. As mentioned above, the time of year will generally determine the condition of the climbing route. Our favourite time for climbing 6000m peaks in Nepal is October/November. The post-monsoon months always ensures plenty of snow on the ground which usually makes for a far more consistent and enjoyable climb.

If you’ve ever considered tackling a Himalayan peak then we recommend Island Peak (or Mera Peak) as great first-up options. Both provide a great taste of getting above 6000 metres with stunning views from their respective summits. No previous mountaineering experience is necessary to join either of these expeditions with Trek Climb Ski Nepal, however a strong level of fitness is a must. Don’t hesitate to┬ácontact us with any questions you might have.