Landing at Lukla Airport Video

landing at lukla airport video

October 1, 2014

Most Everest Base Camp Treks begin like this! When you think of the excitement and adventure of an Everest Base Camp Trek, most people conjure up images of majestic snow covered mountains, the Sherpa people of Nepal, wild rivers and of course Mt Everest. You generally wouldn’t give too much of a thought to the scenic mountain flight that gets you there would you? ┬áBut perhaps if that flight was from Kathmandu to Lukla you’d be giving it a little more consideration. Why? Because not only are the views you’ll be witnessing during the flight absolutely spectacular, but so is the landing you’ll be experiencing at Lukla airport! Watch our Landing at Lukla airport video below for 51 seconds of pure adrenaline.

Watch more landing at Lukla airport video

Our Landing at Lukla airport video shows you what to expect. It’s not often you get the pilot’s view from the cockpit and on this particular day we just happened to have our camera handy as well. Given we’ve flown this route a few hundred times, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to video this spectacular landing. We’ve included some of our favourite videos below:

Landing into Lukla by helicopter

The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla

Action at Lukla airport Nepal

Now there is of course an alternative to flying into Lukla airport to begin your Everest Base Camp Trek. You can elect to travel by bus from Kathmandu to Jiri and then spend 5 days walking in. If you choose to do this both ways you are going to add a good 10 days to your trip but you will save around USD $300 being the cost of the return flight. If you are comfortable flying in small planes then take the flight – it’s a life experience in itself. Like the trek to Base Camp, the flight is something that will stay with you forever – not to mention the scenery.