Nepal holidays our way

nepal holidays our way

April 11, 2016

Providing you with the safest and most rewarding Himalayan trekking and climbing experience in Nepal is our objective. This underpins our approach to everything we do and it’s why you should travel with us.

Client service

Client service is what we do. We recruit and train for it, and we include it in our policies for delivering our trips. We recruit our mountain guides for their client service skills as well as their guiding and climbing talents. We endeavor wherever possible to provide you with a personal service, and we always accept feedback about where we need to change. We take a friendly, flexible and personal approach to all our activities with our clients – except, of course, when your safety demands a somewhat different approach!

Creating your experience

We want you to have an unforgettable life experience, not just a holiday, and to get home safely. To achieve this we:

• Employ only highly capable and qualified mountain guides with years of experience on some of the toughest mountains in the Himalaya. They will lead you on very carefully planned itineraries

• Purposely design our on-mountain itineraries using local knowledge and decades of experience in high altitude environments and the Nepal Himalaya in particular

• Build special activities into your trip on-mountain – based on decades of high altitude experience – so you build confidence and learn or hone skills

• Include in trips tours to special cultural experiences, like visits to monasteries, cultural sites in Kathmandu and other unique experiences

• Keep our philosophy to “educate, motivate and inspire” at the forefront because Trek Climb Ski Nepal is our passion and it will keep us focused on you

Mt Everest tested high altitude management

We design our high altitude trips based on what we call our mountain management system. The system is based on decades of experience at high altitude, including multiple ascents in our team of Mt Everest and Nepal’s other highest peaks, mountaineering best practice and years of experience in police search and rescue. The system includes two primary elements:

• managing your acclimatisation to high altitude through rigorous adherence to managed altitude gain and carefully designed on-mountain activities and route selection

• ensuring your safety by following emergency and safely protocols for every trip that reflect know-how from best practice mountaineering and police search and rescue

Group travel and Nepal holidays our way

We are specialists in Himalayan adventure trekking and climbing small group travel – and have two decades of return clients to prove it. This means you can be confident that we know how to put groups trips together, keep them running smoothly, and deftly balance the differences that can arise between priorities for individual clients and the needs of the group. We typically design our trips around relatively small groups – of up to 10 people and sometimes less – so we can focus properly on your experience. We think group travel has several particular advantages, including providing you with expert guides, the opportunity for you to meet people with a shared passion for outdoor adventure, and helping to keep down the higher fixed costs of a high altitude trip by sharing it with others.

Our Nepalese staff

We look after our team in Nepal so that they can look after you. We pay our staff, mountain guides and porters higher than other operators in the Himalaya, and we regularly invest in the education, health and living conditions of our Nepalese workers. We continue to support all our Nepalese staff long after our trips are over and our clients have returned home. Their well-being and welfare is very important to us. This genuine commitment and our strong friendships with our Nepalese staff is the foundation on which our Nepal-based operation was born and continues to be run.