Climb Mera Peak Video

climb mera peak video

October 4, 2014

This climb Mera Peak video shows Brent Connolly taking his final few steps to the summit of Mera Peak in Nepal. Brent climbed Mera Peak with Trek Climb Ski Nepal in September 2010. This expedition enjoyed perfect weather on summit day and every member of our group was successful in reaching the summit (11 in total). Learn more about climbing Mera Peak with Trek Climb Ski Nepal.

As our climb Mera Peak video (above) shows, a fixed rope will assist greatly in getting you onto the true summit. Fixed ropes weren’t always necessary on Mera Peak but a large crevasse now blocks what used to be a relatively straightforward approach to the summit from the eastern side of the final section.  The western side of the final approach is crevasse free but it’s a much steeper final pitch so if you are keen to stand on the true summit, you’ll need to bring some extra rope and some good anchors. Make sure the team you’re climbing with bring plenty of gear!

Watch more climb Mera Peak video

We’ve been running Mera Peak expeditions more many years now and have plenty of videos to show for it. Our YouTube channel has a playlist dedicated to Mera Peak climbing videos – almost 20 in total! Our favourite time to climb Mera Peak is October/November. The post-monsoon months ensure plenty of snow on the ground and at this time of year nearly all the crevasses are covered. This makes for a far more enjoyable (and direct) climbing route and is the perfect time of year if you’re also planning on skiing down.

This author (Trek Climb Ski Nepal founder Nick Farr) rates Mera Peak as one of the best climbing expeditions available in Nepal. It involves a great mix of trekking and climbing and the route is well away from the busy crowds heading up and down the classic Everest Base Camp route. For first-timers, Mera Peak provides 3 days on snow and ice which provides a great introduction to the skills and climbing routines necessary on Himalayan mountains.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Trek Climb Ski Nepal for more information on climbing Mera Peak.