Follow Us Live is now LIVE!

follow us live map

October 18, 2014

Its been a busy few months for Trek Climb Ski Nepal and we’re excited to announce that our “Follow Us Live” technology has now been launched.

So how does it work and where do you find it?

Visit our homepage and you’ll see the Follow Us Live icon on the top right-hand side of the page.

Click this icon and you’ll arrive on our Follow Us Live trip page.

This link is the URL you should share with people that might be interested in following one of our trips.  This is to provide for situations where we have more than one trip happening at the same time thus a selection will need to be made from the “currently running” trip menu.

After selecting the trip you want to follow you’ll be directed to a screen that looks like the image above, which incorporates a Google Map.

(You can toggle between the map and satellite view with the Google Maps buttons on the top right-hand side of the map)

Staying safe and Follow Us Live

And it’s on this map we’ll be tracking the progress and position of our trips via the GPS devices being carried by our trip leaders. So via this map, the family and friends of people travelling with us can actually follow their position in real-time. Our Follow Us Live technology is another example of the way we’re constantly innovating at Trek Climb Ski Nepal. What better way to give the family and friends of those that join our trips peace of mind that everything is okay. We’re very proud to be the first tour operator in Nepal to provide this service to our groups.

Be sure to read the daily updates by clicking the “Read the latest trip post” button on the Follow Us Live map page.

Read about the safety advantages of our Follow Us Live technology.

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