Kathmandu Traffic Video

kathmandu traffic video

October 13, 2014

If you’re heading to Nepal for a trekking or climbing adventure, chances are you’ll be spending a few days in Kathmandu. And when in Kathmandu you’ll regularly find yourself needing to negotiate the busy Kathmandu traffic. We love the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu traffic but it definitely takes some getting used to.  Regardless of your chosen mode of transport be it taxi, bus, rickshaw or by foot – the chaos is captivating and the near misses just keep coming. Watch our brief Kathmandu traffic video below and you’ll get a good feel for the sights and sounds around the busy Thamel district as filmed from the back of a motorbike.

Driving in Kathmandu is an art form and thankfully the traffic never gets the opportunity to reach significant speed. This is largely why the vast majority of near misses remain just that – near misses! We’ve spent plenty of time driving in and around Kathmandu with our Sherpa friends and it never gets boring. We are however very happy to leave the driving to the locals. What’s perhaps even more amazing is the lack of any type of road rage. Even when collisions occur, people just pick up their bike, motorbike or whatever and get on with it. It’s almost as if everyone accepts that accidents will occur regularly so no point getting upset about them.

Watch more Kathmandu traffic video

Over the years, we’ve filmed plenty of video in Nepal. Watch another manic driving in Kathmandu video and be sure to look out for the truck at 00:23 seconds! And when you’ve finished, make sure you take a look at some of landing at lukla airport videos. If you think the driving in Nepal is cause for concern then some of the airport action will have you shaking your head. It all just adds to the many reasons we love Nepal and keep going back.