Mera Peak Climb Video

October 6, 2014

This Mera Peak climb video features Trek Climb Ski Nepal co-founder Tika Tamang on the summit of Mera Peak in Nepal. Tika discusses the progress of this expedition and the great effort by the expedition members to reach the summit. He also points out five of the six highest mountains in the world which are all clearly visible from the summit of Mera Peak. Those mountains being Everest (highest in the world), Kanchenjunga (3rd highest), Lhotse (4th highest), Makalu (5th highest) and Cho Oyu (6th highest). Watch our Mera Peak Climb Video featuring Tika on the summit. Learn more about climbing Mera Peak.

Trek Climb Ski Nepal run regular expeditions to Mera Peak in Nepal. This is a 23-day trip suitable for fit people that are looking for a challenge. Mera Peak is ideal “first-time” Himalayan mountaineering expedition and you don’t need to have previous climbing experience to join this trip. Our highly experienced Sherpa team will teach you everything you need to learn along the way. The route isn’t technical or steep but the altitude involved makes this a challenging undertaking.

Watch more Mera Peak climb video

We have heaps of Mera Peak climbing videos on our YouTube channel. We been filming on our Mera Peak expeditions for nearly as long as we’ve been running them so you’ll find a great selection to choose from on our dedicated Mera Peak video playlist. One thing that isn’t obvious as you watch our Mera videos is the expertise of our Sherpa leaders and guides. Nearly all our Mera Peak trip leaders have climbed Mt Everest multiple times. This is just one of the reasons we enjoy a 100% safety record on Mera Peak and a success rate almost as high. Take the time to watch our celebrated Mera Peak documentary. This will give you a great feel for how we run our trips and why our safety and success rate is like it is.

Contact us to learn more about not just climbing Mera Peak, but being successful on Mera Peak.