Mera Peak Video

mera peak video

October 5, 2014

We love Mera Peak video like this. In fact, we love all our expedition footage that tells it (and shows it) like it is. This Mera Peak video was taken by me (Trek Climb Ski Nepal founder Nick Farr) on the summit of Mera Peak on April 22, 2009. I could see the obvious elation and relief on John and Barbara’s faces as they reached the summit of Mera Peak so I started filming. What came next is something you just can’t plan for or script. Learn about our Mera Peak climbing expeditions.

I’m fortunate to have climbed many big mountains in Nepal. But watching video like this reminds me again of what it was like to stand on top a Himalayan peak for the very first time. The planning, preparation and effort that goes into every expedition is significant – and then you still have to go and climb the mountain! Listen to John and Barbara in this Mera Peak video from the summit of Mera Peak at 6476m.

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We’ve been running Mera Peak expeditions for many years now and have recorded plenty of Mera Peak expedition videos along the way. So much so that we have a playlist on our YouTube channel dedicated solely to our collection of Mera Peak videos.  We consider our 23-day Mera Peak expedition to be the perfect “first-time” mountaineering experience. You need to be fit but we can teach you the rest.

The thing that makes this the perfect introductory mountaineering experience is the fact you get a full 3 days on the snow and glacier. Most Himalayan climbs suitable for beginners will only give them a few hours – or a day at most – on snow and ice. This doesn’t really provide (in our opinion) enough time for people to learn what’s required when climbing above 6000m. For people that are considering progressing to something higher, they need time being exposed to the routines and skills necessary to be successful on big mountains. A Mera Peak expedtition certainly provides the perfect foundation. Contact us to learn more.

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