Nepal Tours Video

nepal tours video

October 7, 2014

At Trek Climb Ski Nepal we have a great range of Nepal tours on offer. We also have a comprehensive library of Nepal tours video which we have filmed ourselves over the many years we’ve been running our trips. Some of our videos have been professionally filmed and edited and some are a little rough. But all our video is authentic and we are confident you’ll notice this as you watch. So we hope you’ll enjoy watching a great collection of videos from our past expeditions. You can find these in selected playlists which we’ve put together to make it easier to find specific videos of interest.

We’ve always enjoyed filming our guests and guides throughout the many trip we run. As you look through our video library, you’ll see we feature video from the streets of Kathmandu all the way to the summit of Mt Everest. Our videos span many years which should give you confidence as to our track record. Not only are we filming our trips now but we have also introduced “follow-us-live” technology.  This enables us to post our Nepal tours video as regular trip updates on our website blog. This is an exciting innovation for us and is the perfect way for your friends and family to follow your expedition in real-time.

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