Everest Circuit Nepal

everest circuit nepal

November 7, 2014

On October 20, our Everest Circuit trekking team of Peter, Suzanne, David, Laurie and Darren set off on their Everest Circuit Nepal trek. The trek leaders for this expedition being Trek Climb Ski Nepal veteran Himalayan guides Gyan and Yam. 18 days and plenty of altitude later, we’re delighted to announce that our determined crew have returned safely to Lukla and have completed their epic journey. The team have enjoyed an incredible trekking experience and successfully achieved every highlight this famous itinerary has to offer.

A Special Himalayan Adventure

If you could only ever do one trek in your life, the Everest Circuit Nepal would receive our vote. This author has been fortunate enough to complete this trek on 4 occasions and I’ve enjoyed it more each time. As our team prepares to fly back to Kathmandu today the significance of their time away in these incredible mountains will be foremost in their minds. As they say goodbye to their loyal and dedicated porters that have lugged their gear around the highest mountains in the world they might even have a tear in their eye.

Time spent in the Nepal Himalaya is special. The unique beauty of these mountains, forests, streams and villages remain with you forever. As does the humility, strength and determination of the remarkable Sherpa people you meet along the way. I’m sure our expedition team have made some new lifelong friends along the way.

This Everest Circuit Nepal trek comes to an end

Our team will be on their way home in a few short days. A final night celebration in Kathmandu with their guides tonight then it’s back to the hustle and bustle of the western world. We wish you all a safe trip home and look forward to hearing your stories. From all of us at Trek Climb Ski Nepal, thank you for choosing us for your Everest Circuit Nepal adventure.

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