Nepal trekking with us

nepal trekking with us

April 14, 2016

In a competitive market place we’d like to explain why Nepal trekking with us is a better (and safer) option than the vast majority of our competitors. There’s a whole range of reasons and we didn’t make them up just to sound good on our website.

We are an Australian and Nepalese owned business. A company that was born out of friendship and it’s that very foundation that underpins everything we do. We strive to provides trekkers, climbers and skiers with the richest and most reliable mountain experience available in the Nepal Himalaya. We do this by deploying know how honed on Mt Everest and years of experience into every trip we run. We provide experiences for first-time trekkers to the most experienced climbers. We have the personnel to match your challenge.

Of course, we pride ourselves on the consistency of our client satisfaction, our 100% safety record, our expedition success rate, and the experience and loyalty of our people.

But here’s five very specific reasons to choose us. When travelling with us you will be:

  • experiencing one of the most reliably rewarding mountain experiences available in Nepal
  • following a mountain acclimatisation and management system that boasts one of the highest success rates in the industry for Himalayan expeditions
  • led by some of the most accomplished trekking and climbing guides on offer in the Himalaya
  • accessing authentic opportunities to experience Nepal, like walking and dining with a Nepalese Sherpa family in the foothills of Kathmandu
  • joining a trekking and climbing family that is bound by the ties of loyalty, family and integrity

Compare Nepal trekking with us to the competition

In fact, we’re so confident of our service profile that we actively encourage you to compare our service with one you will get from other providers.

You may well:

  • find a cheaper trip, but are likely to discover that they are under-manned in guides or porters in ways that are likely to compromise your experience or safety or both
  • get promised a quicker itinerary to a summit, but with altitude gain that is more than mountaineering best practice that you’re very likely to find will compromise your high altitude goals or health
  • find operators with seemingly attractive offers, but almost certainly none who can equal our 10-year plus safety record of zero severe injuries from any of our trekking, climbing or skiing adventures
  • find other operators who boast their guides, but who will struggle to tell you on-the-spot their names, family ties or climbing resume, which might lead you to doubt what their abilities and loyalty will deliver for you in a tight pinch
  • see a more attractive price tag, but with more on-trail meal and other exclusions that are likely to stretch your real budget and challenge your daily endurance

We are not your everyday tour operator. Nepal trekking with us is very different to what the big operators dish up. Read this article to make sure you’re asking the right questions of your Nepal tour operator.

Watch this video to see how we operate.