10 Reasons Adventure Travel is Good For You

mera peak expedition

July 23, 2017

Okay, so we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel for this one.

It’s the stuff we’ve been shouting from the rooftops for years. So when we stumbled across this little gem on the Natural Habitat Adventures / World Wide Fund for Nature website, we just had to share it.

Candice Gaukel Andrews writes all about not only the physical health benefits but also the boost to your mental wellness that comes with getting away from it all. Read the full article here.

Thing is, when you travel to remote places and get lost in it all, stuff happens. Think about it for just a minute. You start your hike and you’ll begin chatting away with the buddies on your trip. You’ll learn a bit about each other. Your job, the sports you like, your favourite football team and holiday destinations. It doesn’t take long before you’ve exhausted the conversation around all these “on the surface” things. The superficial stuff if you like.

Then what?

Well, it’s the things you start talking and thinking about next that begin to make a difference. We see this all the time. These are the conversations that often serve to shift our thinking. And they can resonate with us long after we’ve returned home from our adventure.

It’s true that when you allow yourself to be undistracted and immersed in a remarkable environment, remarkable things happen. We call it finding clarity and meaning.  Clarity and meaning around what’s truly important. To you.

A few weeks away in Nepal and you’ll see exactly what we mean.