everest base camp treks

Heading back to Lobuche after a successful trek to Everest Base Camp

In over 17 years of operation, we are incredibly proud of our 100% safety record. The priority of every expedition we run is the safety of our guests and staff alike. We ensure your safety by following emergency and safety protocols that reflect know-how from best practice mountaineering and police search and rescue operating procedures.

How do we work to keep you safe

  • We only trek and climb (and ski) routes that our team has travelled many times before so you can be sure we know what lies ahead every step of the way
  • Safety and emergency operating protocols designed by Mt Everest summiteers with the advice of expert Australian police search and rescue personnel so you can be absolutely confident that we mean it when we say that your safety is our number one priority
  • Regular (and satellite if necessary) phone communications with our Melbourne office during all trips so we can be in touch with you when you need it
  • Well balanced cooked meals created by our expert cooking staff so you know you’ll be eating the best food available on the mountain using fresh ingredients prepared according to our strict hygiene protocols

Mt Everest tested high-altitude management

We design our high-altitude trips based on what we call our mountain management system. The system is based on decades of experience at high altitudes, including multiple ascents in our team of Mt Everest and Nepal’s other highest (and toughest) peaks, mountaineering best practice and years of experience in police search and rescue. The system includes two primary elements:

  • managing your acclimatisation to high altitude through rigorous adherence to managed altitude gain and carefully designed on-mountain activities and route selection
  • ensuring your safety by following strict emergency and safety protocols for every trip we run

Our 100% safety record is testament to the fact we know how to look after you in the mountains.