Lobuche via the Cho La Pass


October 30, 2014

It’s been a huge last couple of days for our Everest Circuit team. We expect they’ll be reunited with internet access today upon reaching Lobuche so we should get some more photos to post soon. Learn more about this village. But even without direct contact, our tracking system is telling the story and we can see clearly their movements and progress over the last 2 days. Yesterday they started early and we can see they climbed up and over the Cho La Pass at 5420m. This represents a new ‘highest altitude gained’ for the group given the Cho La pass is around 100m higher than the summit of Gokyo Ri. By all accounts the conditions on the Cho La glacier are great right now so hopefully they enjoyed their time walking on the snow and ice. Our real-time Google map is reproduced below.


Dzongla to Lobuche

Our tracker then shows us they checked-in successfully that afternoon at Dzongla. I need to be candid here and confess that I’m not a huge rap for Dzongla. The lodge is old and needs to be replaced. The place is generally crowded because there are no other options for accommodation. The outside toilet…. hmmm… that’s another story entirely and I look forward to hearing from team on that one.

But moving along we can see their progress commenced again early this morning (October 30) and our tracker is showing they have now arrived at Lobuche at 4900m. the views of Nuptse (7861m) from Lobuche are captivating – see our main photo above. As soon as we hear from the team I’ll get an update out with some new pics. And if you haven’t already, be sure to follow our team in real-time via our Follow Us Live technology. This is a very cool way to stay in touch with our expedition from your lounge-room!