“This was the most exhilarating and motivating life experience challenge we have ever experienced, we thank you for taking us on this journey. We know that Trek Climb Ski Nepal has chosen the best people to guide us through this experience. This is something we will never forget. Thank you again Trek Climb Ski Nepal. We will return some day for another challenge.”

Suzann Willmann
Everest Circuit - October 2013

“What an experience! I saw a few sides of Nepal, all amazing. The Hindu and Buddhist spiritual hearts of Kathmandu. The love (beautiful blue skies and the most most amazing people you will meet) and the fury (a two day snow storm in at Gokyo with days of walking through snow covered mountains) of the Himalayas. Don't ever expect the Himalayas to be anything other than challenging and not quite to plan :-) but have no fear, this will be the most rewarding experience of your life.”

Kirsty Reidy
Everest Circuit - October 2013

“I had the best time... great trek! Great people... Buddah and Gyan were so patient. We had many good conversations throughout and I think we became a little family trekking together. Scenery, people, mountains were fantastic. I would love to do another. Are We There Yet? Thank you Gyan, Lord Buddah, Bejay and Kheti. I will never forget those majestic mountains and the feeling of achievement.”

Maryanne Felton
Annapurna Introductory - May 2013

“3 grandmothers just completed this trek! What a fantastic experience that will stay with me forever. Gyan and Buddha are so patient and let us trek at our pace. They are so encouraging and supporting when we are at the end of our tatters and on the verge of collapse. What a team! No words is adequate to describe the views along the trek. The Nepalese people are so friendly, the tea houses clean and the food tasty. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone. Thank you so much for making it such a memorable experience guys. I am now ready for a higher challenge!”

Jenny Yeo
Annapurna Introductory - May 2013

“The Everest Circuit Trek is well organised, accommodating the necessary acclimatisation process into a well planned daily trek in an exceptional landscape. The guides and porters were excellent and we could not have asked for better company. The organisation, staff and care was above expectations.”

Alasdair (Sandy) MacRae
Everest Circuit - April 2010

“Trekking Nepal is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Nick, Tika, Gyan, Dil and the boys gave us a magical and unforgettable experience. It will be hard to ever beat. Thanks guys!”

Alison MacRae
Everest Circuit - April 2010

“We experienced a fantastic trek with Trek Climb Ski. Our guide Gyan was an absolute legend, we were very well looked after and the entire trip was well organised, planned and executed. I can't complain about anything and can't wait for the next trip! Thanks Gyan and Trek Climb Ski.”

Angela Connors
Annapurna Introductory - September 2010

“An experience and a sense of achievement I never thought I could obtain. If I never do a trip like this again, I will remember this as a great pinnacle in my life, something I will never, ever forget. Thank you for a beautiful adventure! And for the chance to see part of the Himalayas and it’s people that will remain in my heart forever.”

Barbara Rattray
Mera Peak - April 2009

“It really was an awesome trip.”

Brendan Kealy
Everest Base Camp Photography - November 2010

“Everything was great. Particularly the day to day detail of what would happen and what was expected the next day - this alone gave a good picture of what was to come without making it sound too difficult. Keeping the whole team focused and enthusiastic was the big one for me. Nick and his team kept me strong & enthusiastic throughout the whole trek which helped me reach my goal of the summit. What a great feeling of achievement!”

Brent Connolly
Mera Peak - September 2010