“The Everest Base Camp Photography Tour in November 2010 was truly one of the most memorable and fulfilling holidays I have done. The experiences of culture, tranquility, and of course awesome views was second to none, and the added benefit of achieving this with my Canon EOS 7D and Mark's quality photography tutorials, made capturing these experiences completely real. The concept of having such great photos of the stories I can tell of the holiday, will ensure that this tour will forever live on in my memory without it fading. I sincerely recommend this tour to anyone with the passion to experience one of the worlds most spectacular places with the guys at Drift and Trek Climb Ski.”

Glen Sargeant
Everest Base Camp Photography - November 2010

“Everest Base Camp Trek March 2012, Awesome experience, something I will always remember. I now know that if someone says to you, "Oh you are only going to Base Camp" they really have no idea how rewarding and difficult it is. I would be there again tomorrow!”

Glenn Golder
Everest Base Camp - March, 2012

“Great service, great food, great people. If you're going to Nepal you will not find a better team than Trek Climb Ski.”

Glenn Houston
Mera Peak - October 2012

“This was the most amazing trip & achievement in my life. The team at Trek Climb Ski helped me to achieve the summit with the most professional care and attitude. I can't wait to go with Nick and his team again to other destinations in Nepal.”

Heike Schwarz
Mera Peak - September 2010

“Wow, when you see the logistics behind an expedition first hand you really begin to appreciate just how valuable your choice in provider becomes. It’s obvious that over the years, Trek Climb Ski have developed a unique rock solid formula and it’s purely due to their experience, organisational skills and great choice in staff that we had the brilliant (and successful) trip that we did. Inclement conditions, cancelled flights and heavy snow was maneuvered expertly by Nick and Tika and meant that when other teams failed to summit they never faulted and remained confident, upbeat and focused on getting everyone safely up to the top. I can’t wait to climb again and see the team. The courage of Trek Climb Ski’s climbing Sherpas, the big heart (and humour) of the porters and skills of the amazing cooks will be one of the main reasons I will return to the Himalaya with Nick, Tika and his team. Well done guys for a mind blowing and seriously ACE trip, see you again soon!”

Jade Jackson
Mera Peak - September 2010

“Climbing Mera Peak and travelling with Trek Climb Ski was a life-changing experience. Being introduced to Nepali life and people has enriched me and I'll be back. It's an experience you can't capture with words.”

Jasmine Lenders
Mera Peak - September 2010

“For me, this introduction into mountaineering was incredible. It has inspired me to want to pursue working in this industry and the 'want' to gain more experience.”

Jimi Nash
Everest Base Camp & Island Peak - March 2011

“This is the experience of a lifetime. Nick and Trek Climb Ski will help you dig deeper, mentally and physically than you probably thought possible, the reward is an exhiliration you are never likely to forget.”

John Carruthers
Mera Peak - April 2009

“Given that this trek took place in a remote part of a third world country, it was a very well conducted and enjoyable event. All the staff provided excellent support and were extremely patient with all the guests.”

John Laird
Everest Circuit - October 2007

“The scenery, the people and in particular our team of Sherpas and porters all combined to make this the most memorable trip I have ever been on. I will certainly be going back and wouldn't consider going with anyone other than Trek Climb Ski.”

John Morgan
Everest Base Camp and Island Peak - March 2010